3 Best Home Automation Systems for 2017

Home automation is becoming increasingly popular in the modern age, as many people seek innovative ways to increase efficiency, and keep their home up to date with modern technologies.

Home automation systems are also commonly referred to as domotics.

A wide variety of components may be controlled by home automation systems, including: centralised locking systems for security doors, windows, appliances, lighting and even additions such as surveillance cameras and HVAC systems (heating, ventilation and air conditioning).

Creston Home Automation System Reviews

Crestron is well known for its home automation systems, and is one of the largest specialist companies of home automation in the world.a-crestron-app
Creston has a large customer base, and they distribute their products within both the commercial sector to schools and businesses globally. However, Crestron also offer a great deal of solutions within the domestic sector.

Crestron’s global popularity within these two sectors is, in part due to the fact that their systems can be greatly tailored to utilise the features you find most useful.

Crestron’s home automation systems can be customised with cameras and smoke detectors; however, the customisation doesn’t stop there. The features of a Crestron automation system allow individuals to take control of various systems in their home, one being the heating.

crestron-beacon-ipadIn the modern age, many are aiming to be more frugal with their heating use, with hopes that their energy consumption and fuel bills will significantly reduce.

The large range of controls that a Creston system allows the user to operate, exceeds that of other popular home automation systems, providing it with a first place ranking on many independent review websites.

Whether you are looking to operate your heating system, or control the entertainment systems within your home, Creston comes complete with a great list of featured options.

What People Say:

Crestron Home automation systems have an overall rating on Amazon of 4.6 out of 5 stars.

Giving a five star rating, one Amazon user said “Quite amazing stuff here.
If you know how to program and program this thing well it can do everything for you”

Crestron ranks number one on smartliving.com, and wins their independent reward for “best home automation system”. The website calls the system “elegant”, “robust” and “reliable”.

Control4 Home Automation System Reviews

Control4 provides an entirely modular home automation system, making it easy for dealers to install. It’s user friendly features, give dealers the edge when it comes to planning a wide range of home automation systems for any home layout or requirement. Its wide range of hardware makes it a popular choice for residential home automation installers.

savantsysControl4 is known for their great knowledge of its demographic, and its compatibility with a range security software, including cameras and door sensors, as well as a unified software system ensures it is available to use widely.

With its warranty being two years shorter than many of its competitors, some individuals look to other devices, particularly if they have never used such technology in their home. However, this product still remains amongst the most popular of home automation devices, due to its adaptability and user friendly software.

What people say:

Control4 systems receive an overall rating of 4 out of five stars on Amazon, with the majority of users leaving a five star rating. One user stated:

“Completely blown away by the ease of use and out-of-the-box functionality. With just a few clicks, I can control my Control4 lights, lighting scenes, and thermostat. No dealer intervention required.”

Control4 also features second on safesmartliving.com, with the site naming it their “winner when it comes to having the best smart home technology features.”

Savant Home Automation System Reviews

Well established company, Savant provides home automation systems for both stately and standard residential homes.

In the modern age, many consumers become frustrated with the fact that they cannot contact the supplier directly, and must move through a variety of online channels, or work through the directions of an automated service that doesn’t always provide the necessary information, or the needed customer support needed to keep a loyal customer base.

control4-1However, Savant offer direct customer support and also have access to good customer resources that can give a comprehensive demonstration of how the automation system works.

In the digital age, many consumers are turning to their mobile phone to provide them with a wide range of assistance throughout the day. As an innovative company, Savant understand that the needs of all of their consumers will be different. Unlike many home automation systems that only provide a complete home control system, Savant give their consumers the option of a DIY universal remote, to operate the features of your home separately, giving you greater flexibility over the control you exert over the built in systems of your home.

The Savant home automation system provides great flexibility, and in the modern age, isn’t that want all technology users are looking for? See what the universal DIY remote can do for you, before deciding on a dealer to install the entire system in your home.

What People Say:

According to accredited website toptenreviews.com, Savant systems receive an overall rating of 9.50 out of 10, ranking them third in their category of home automation systems.

www.appcessories.co.uk provide a detailed comparison of the best home automation systems around. When it comes to Savant they say: “Savant brings cool and easy-to-use home automation at your doorstep, and blends in some excellent features to get your Home Automation enthusiasm pumping.”

How to Set Up Home Automation

Having access to a home automation system that provides you with complete control and flexibility over the features of your home is a desirable prospect for many. We live in a world where ease of use is a priority. The advancements within mobile and static technology have made us all slightly more impatient, and this demands that technology keep up with the expectations we have come to hold. However, ensuring you have your chosen automation system installed correctly is of paramount importance for both the security and accessibility of all the features.

The home automation system you use will depend on many factors, but one will be your available budget.

The dealer you obtain your home automation system from is the best person to install it. As well as ensuring your home is equipped with the required sensors, peripherals and switches to carry out your commands, your dealer will be able to educate you on the ways in which you can use your system to ensure you get the most from it.

As much as you would like to begin using your home automation system as soon as possible, you must remember that without the necessary transceiver or coordinator, the commands you give your system become useless.

Most home automation suppliers will have a dedicated customer support channel, so should you have any problems after the installation of your system that your standard user manual cannot help you with, a dedicated customer support network is likely to be your next best step.

The Advantages of a Home Automation System

Whether you live a fast-paced lifestyle, or simply require a system that will allow you to exert maximum control over the features of your home to cut costs, and make very day tasks more efficient, a home automation system is becoming an increasingly popular investment.

A mere few years ago, controlling your home from your smart phone seemed pretty far-fetched. We all liked the idea of being able to have the heating on ten minutes before arriving home, ensuring the whole house felt toasty upon our arrival, but without technological advancements, such wishes were just a pipe dream.

The mobile technology many of us carry around in our pockets every day has made it possible to transfer such insights in to the home, making our homes “tech savvy”. Much like a smart phone, homes that are run with the use of remote control have been labelled “smart homes”, due to the fact that they seem to be able to run independently and “think” on their own.

Let’s run through a few of the main advantages of these systems:


By installing a home automation system, you are able to control the lighting of your home. Many people turn on the lights in their home when they go out, or when they go to bed, giving the impression that someone is up or inside the house.

If you know you are going to be out all night, but haven’t left any lights on in your home, the appropriate home automation system can turn specifically controlled lights on in the home for you, deterring possible intruders.

As well as being able to light up your home for when you are out and return home in the dark, remote light controls can help you save a great deal of money on energy bills, allowing you to turn off devices that have been accidentally left on, or are no longer in use when you are away.


automated-door-locksWe’ve all had rushed mornings that make it difficult to remember whether or not we have locked the front door after we’ve left, but with a home automation system you are able to control the locks on your home remotely.

The extra level of security and assurance a home automation system can provide is often regarded as one of its most popular benefits.

If you have children and leave for work before them, the remote access to the security locks of your home can provide the peace of mind your need in order to get on with your work, free from the distraction that your home may be left unlocked.

Temperature Controls

Household energy usage meterForgetting to adjust the thermostat is a common problem many of us have. Once your house has been exposed to great heat, it can be take some time before the temperature decreases to an optimum level. Similarly, if you have left your home for a considerable amount of time with no heat, it can take a long time before the chill is subsided.

A home automation system allows you to control the temperature of your home from your place of work, whilst you are shopping, or even doing the school run, ensuring you never have to wait for your home to feel comfortable as soon as you walk through the door.

Increased Awareness

Our demanding lives mean that we cannot be everywhere at once. With a home automation system, you can control your security cameras, ensuring you know exactly what is going on in your home, and at what times.

Through your linked smart phone, you can monitor different areas of your home, seeing exactly what your security cameras are picking up in real time, keeping an eye on pets that are left home alone, and ensuring no unwanted guests arrive, before you open the door.

Time Saving

Many of use aim to save time throughout the day, ensuring we can complete extra tasks and squeeze in appointments throughout the day.

In the modern world, everyone seems much busier, perhaps this is in part due to the time limits and word counts our work life demands, or perhaps this is simply because we like the feeling of productivity.

However, the installation of a home automation system may help you capitalise on time saving. Instead of running home to open the door for those that have forgotten their key, or need to drop a parcel off, let your remote system control the door locks for you.

Instead of popping home to check on the dog, use your home automation system to take a peak in to what’s happening in your home, without even entering the front door.

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