Hive Active Heating 2 Thermostat Review

With new innovations for your home constantly being devised, it can be difficult to keep track of all the new technology which is coming into play but great products like the Hive Active Heating 2 are on the horizon.

One of the major new devices on the market are smart thermostats, which are becoming more and more commonly used.

The Hive Active heating 2 Thermostat is an innovative new device, allowing for you to control your heating and hot water wherever you are via your smartphone, tablet or laptop. Whether you are at work, out with friends or even on holiday, the control of your heating is just a few taps away.

hive home automation smart thermostatWe all know that sinking feeling you get when you realise that you have left your heating on, perhaps for hours or even days, racking up unwanted bills whilst you are out of the house.

Alternatively, you may have had a long day and wish to arrive home to the comfort of your own warm home, but you forgot to set the heating to come on before you left that morning.

Either way, this convenience could be at your fingertips very shortly with just a few very small steps.

What is included in the package?

Most smart thermostats come in three essential parts, this one included: the Wi-fi controller which is attached to the boiler, the hub which is attached via an Ethernet cable to your router, and the thermostat itself.

If you want to buy the entity of hive products too, such as the Hive Active Plug and Sensor, the initial set up is already there for you, making the process easier.

A customer review said “I am now a big fan of the Hive 2 thermostat and the Hive ecosystem”.

The process is even more simple if you just need to upgrade from the first Hive thermostat to the newest model, as you will be able to simply upgrade to the thermostat to the Hive Active Heating 2 Thermostat.

If this is the case, you can continue using the same app you were previously using, causing you little change and making the entire transition smooth and hassle-free.

A buyer wrote a very positive review regarding this “…loving the Hive system – great item and was easy to fit. Took the old thermostat off and swapped it over, not too much trouble”.

The ease of use includes the same functions as you are used to with the older model: remote heating controls, location tracking and scheduling. When the new thermostat arrives, all you will need to do is add four AA batteries which are included, connect it via the app and it is ready to go.

How do I use the app and thermostat?

The app linking to the Hive Active Heating 2 Thermostat is very easy to use, being self-explanatory as you would require. It allows you to perform multiple tasks for you to organise your heating as you would like.

nest smart thermostatThe app includes a location service on the device allowing you to set the heater to switch on when you are a certain number of miles away, so that you still have full control of your heating when unexpected problems arise.

A customer review showed how the device can be used for a more homely atmosphere: a review said “Let it detect your location and switch for a warm home coming”, showing their new found ease at returning to a comforting home when the weather outside is cold.

With the Hive Active Heating 2 Thermostat, you don’t have to worry about the hassle of switching your heating on and off, as you could set an automatic response for the heating to turn down when you are a certain number of miles away.

Other than using the app, it is possible to control the heating via the Hive 2 thermostat itself very easily. You get used to the device very quickly; a customer wrote a review saying that the system was “intuitive”.

To find out the current temperature, you simply press the dial, and to set the target temperature you wish for your heating to be set at, you simply press the dial again and then twist it until the target temperature shows as you wish.

The device also has a menu, done and back button, resembling a smart phone. This makes it easy to use for anyone who regularly uses any android phone.

Even if you have no experience with this, the controls are very self-explanatory.

The Hive Active Heating 2 Thermostat also allows you to set up to six time zones throughout each day, so you can really custom your heating according to your own plans.

You can just as easily do this as to set it for the same throughout each day. A customer from Amazon wrote a review on the useful qualities of this aspect.

“Handy for setting the heating when coming home from holiday and adjusting schedules from where ever you are and it also looks great too”.

The device is simple to use, but the technology is advanced and can be used in complex ways.

The link below tells you how to use your new gear:

What else can the Hive Active heating 2 Thermostat do?

The Hive Active heating 2 Thermostat not only gives you the ability to control your hot water and heating, but also allows you to control lights, sensors and more. The new technology is pretty advanced, and you are definitely buying into an innovative concept.

Another advantage of the product is that users tend to actually save money on their heating bills, because they are fully in control of their devices which are only in use when need be, not wasting resources, making your home more energy efficient and saving you money. The money saving aspect could actually mean that the device becomes more of an investment to you instead of an expenditure.

What is the difference between the old and new models?

If you already have the standard Hive thermostat innovation, you may be wondering what the difference is between the original model and the new model. Quite simply, the main difference is mainly aesthetic. As opposed to the original Hive thermostat, the new model of the Hive Active Heating 2 Thermostat looks more slick, modern, and is easier to use. Unlike its predecessor, which appeared unsightly in white plastic, not an item you would choose to be on display in your home, the new model I much more visually appealing. A customer specifically made a review on the change in the new look: “Great system, nice unit a big difference to the old white plastic looking fascia.”

Having said this, the thermostats are small and it is possible for them to look discrete within the home by placing them behind the hub or in such locations.

They have no wires or cable and so they can be placed anywhere you wish them to be within the house. They have changeable coloured sides, so the edges can be changed according to the décor of your house. The device has a shiny mirror effect, looking very modern and chic.

One customer review showed their appreciation of the new design: “It’s stylish to look at, easy to set up & great to use. I wish I’d bought it earlier!!” It certainly gives vibes of a smart innovation in a modern, stylish home.

It can easily be fixed onto the a wall with screws, which annoyingly are not fixed in the same place as the original thermostat, meaning you may have to drill more holes.

Installing the Hive Active Heating Thermostat 2

Most boilers are compatible with the Hive Active Heating Thermostat 2, but you won’t know until the Engineer takes a look at your boiler system.

nest-heatingWhether or not you are a regular British Gas customer, a British Gas Engineer will install the system for you. The entire installation process only takes 90 minutes to get the system completely up and running, including a 10 minute explanation on how to use the device, which is particularly informative.

From then on, your heating will be completely under your control with no additional hassle, whether or not you are in the house. The process is very simple and is all done at your own convenience.

Once the device is installed, you can easily use the app to control your heating and hot water. It is very simple to use, but is powerful and effective. A review from a buyer said: “The app works faultlessly and makes controlling the heat/hot water a doddle”, and another was also pleased with the ease of use: “Love the app on mobile”

As you may have already considered, the Hive Active Heating 2 Thermostat relies on a substantial internet connection. This means that if your router is located far away from your thermostat and boiler, you may need to get a Wi-fi booster which will increase your internet signal and range. Hive do supply one of these as well if need be, but this would be an additional cost.

Payment Plans

The entire innovation of the Hive 2 is based around your convenience; even the payment plan can be worked around your own needs. There is the option to either pay monthly or in a lump sum. If you wish to pay the full price in one fell swoop, the whole package can be purchase for £249, including the thermostat itself, the hub and receiver, and a 12 month guarantee for your peace of mind.

On the other hand, you may wish to pay monthly. In this case, you would pay £9 a month for the thermostat, the hub and the receiver.

You will also receive an ongoing warranty on all hive products, and receive 10% off on all your other Hive purchases.

Both options have their benefits, but clearly the latter option works out to be the cheapest, however if you wish to cancel, there is a cancellation fee on the pay monthly option.

The initial price may appear rather steep, however, it is worth noting that the installation and set-up is also fully included in both payment packages.

This process is hassle-free and only takes 90 minutes in total, with minimal effort required on your part.

There is no need to worry about having to decipher the technology, because it will be fully up and running when your engineer leaves your house.

A British Gas Engineer will come to set up the Hive for you, even if you are not one of their customers.

Given you have the correct pipes system, it is possible to control the heating separately in different areas of your house via Hive Multizone.

Each additional area however will cost you an extra £99, and may take longer to install. Unlike other available smart thermostat options such as Honeywell’s Evohome, you are not able to control individual radiators separately, but instead you are able to control areas of the home.

hive_appsWhat’s the verdict?

Overall, the review shows that the Hive Active Heating 2 Thermostat is a new innovative piece of technology, an aesthetically pleasing upgrade from the original Hive model, with easy usability and included installation.

With its convenient design and uses, its sleek, chic look and modern system, you are definitely buying into the up and coming home trend.

This new design really does suit all people and lifestyles, ensuring it is usable for even the novices of the tech-savvy lifestyle we are all beginning to lead.

The money saving aspect also turns this handy device into a profitable investment, in which you can aim to use your energy more efficiently and take control of your expenditures.

Determined to completely Automate his house, Ken is creating blogs and trying to help others reach the same goal. Passionate about saving energy, doing what he can to help the planet and tell everyone how they can get involved too.

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